Monday, May 16, 2005


The new X Box 360 is about to drop later this year! Comes standard w/ wi-fi(wireless internet modem), 20gb hard drive(current X Box has 8gb) and well.... peep the link. All the games will be in hi definition and support Dolby 5.1-surround sound. It will play tunes off your iPod. New X-box Live(internet) features include video conference, trade customized game wares (say like if you make a skateboard on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, you could exchange it with someone else's), voice chat without having to play a game(free long distance?), portable hard drive, the list goes on. I think no matter what Sony brings out, the X Box 360 will be the top choice for mature audiences and on-line gaming.

UPDATE! PS 3 has been shown! Looks to me like it's still catching up to the current X-Box. It will be fully 'backwards' compatible, and will have slots for 2 hdtv's and 7 wireless controllers. Check the link for yourself and tell me what you think. I say it will be a tough sell, especially considering it won't drop 'till next spring. And by that time, Halo 3 will be about to drop!

*news link courtesy CNN/Money, X Box info from Time


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