Tuesday, August 16, 2005

All in Together

...KK came up to the booth and said that Asun Unique had just stepped in the building and demanded the stage. He (KK) had the first hand scoop because he was tight with 12 O'clock. The next day, KK and his sidekick had figured they would set up an official Asun performance @ the Atrium. Turns out that some promoter had already booked the club but that wasn't going to stop my peoples. For they had the power of radio on their side.
A few phone calls between 12 O'clock & KK and we were @ some run down motel where Unique was lamping. We go into the room and there he is, still in bed with some bird, watching videos and talking shit about the artists. After some negotiating, the next step was for Unique to come through during KK's radio show to promote the show that would be happening later that night.
KK got the call that they were a few blocks away and asked if I could go to the front of the complex and show them exactly where they had to go. When I got in the van, They were bangin' the Instrumental to "Cold World" and asking me where the scamma was at. After a quick on-air session, it was off to the club.
Now remember, this show was set up earlier that afternoon. Everybody at the club was there for some jam that had been promoted by whoever. Unique didn't roll with no DJ so they basically got on stage and told the house DJ to "Play my shit, yo!" The only record dude had was 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' and it wasn't the instrumental. Halfway through the song Dirty comands that the music be cut off and begins a 20 minute speech about how WU Tang is the future. Someone called him out to battle and 60 Sec pulled dude up onto the stage. When the crowd had determined that dude had won, Dirty licked a shot in the air and told the crowd "Fuck all yall!" They parted like the red sea as Dirty slowly walked to the front entrance and bounced.
1995, Atlanta GA

R.I.P. Old Dirty Bastard!


Anonymous Franky Gunz said...

Tight tribute track Wu-Style. Wish more Wu-members would of been on the track (no Ghost? Rae? Meth?). But other than that, strong track. The ill RZA production. It's not the typical "I miss you" shit. I like that because something like that wouldn't of sounded right from WU. It wouldn't of been right for Dirt. Cats' kept it grizzly and I think that's a more fitting tribute to the God.

8/17/2005 10:04 PM  
Blogger "ENGINEER" said...

That track is off the new GZA/DJ Muggz album that's about to drop. DJ Muggz produced that.
GZA has put in work on all of his compilations and the results were so heavy, they had to do a whole album together. That's why the rest of the Clan isn't on there. Plus, GZA, RZA & Dirty were a group (FOI) so I think it was more sentimental that those 3 would be heard on the track. Muggz & GZA make an ill combo! I'll post another joint from that collab soon.

8/18/2005 4:44 AM  
Anonymous Franky Gunz said...

"The Ill Rza Production"....
I stand corrected. I think I did hear something about a full clan tribute joint, though. We'll see. If not, this is still the hot tribute joint and I'm pretty content with that.

8/18/2005 8:25 PM  

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