Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When Flex drops the bomb...

I've been lucky enough to hear Funk Master Flex drop the bomb on a slew of rap joints. It's hard to explain the significance of it. Sometimes he does it because he's THE ONLY ONE playing the track, as in he's the first one to play it...

So is the case with this post. I hardly ever bring you joints from mix CD's or radio but this I had to share w/ you. Another Jay Z leak. This time he spits over that one Just Blaze beat titled "Bored" from his myspace page. Yes, the one where he chopped the holy shit out of Rick James' "Super Freak". Clearly this beat is out of control.
Well yeah, enjoy. 'Kingdom Come'


Anonymous Franky Gunz said...

This makes me happy on so many levels. I just got in a coversation with my boy about how Hov fell off with every verse he's done after he retired.I was begining to think the hip-hop I know and love was gone and we were gonna be stuck with snap rap. This is some glimmer of hope. If this ends up being a single, whoa.

10/11/2006 10:07 PM  

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