Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where are they now?

O.K. Nas has officially killed it with this one. It takes a true Hip Hop fan to even name drop some of these dudes but to get them together on 1 track is just out of control. I can't question Nas' motives as an artist. He has outdone his counterparts with the pure effort it must have taken to bring this song to life.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Guess who's back!! Ten years later, Nike drops the first "Penny's" again. This time the clear sole has a blue tint. Other than that, it's a clean match. Good luck finding this one. And if you do find them.... Have your cream ready! (and break out your old Orlando jersey!)

Nike Air Foamposite One
Dark Neon Royal-White-Black

*courtesy kixandthecity

My Corner

Raekwon is busy cooking up some marvelous shit.... peep.

Stuck on you

"Return of the Mac" . From what I've heard so far, this will be the album where Prodigy stands back up.
Anyone who knows like I know will tell you that after 'Hell on Earth', P had everybody wet for that solo album. Then 'HNIC' dropped. The world was his.... until Jay Z crushed his building. That was the end. Every Mobb cd after that flew low to the ground (under the radar).
Now we have 'Return of the Mac'. Produced by the Alchemist, this album looks to be picking up right where HNIC left off. The album is themed around late 70's "black gangsta" flics. That Dolemite meets Shaft type shit. He's released 2 videos (Mac 10 Handle & New York Shit) and now we have the first single "Stuck on You". This song first appeared on a 'Steetsweepers' mix cd back in 2003 sounding like a rough mix. Now we have it clean and with an extra verse!
'Return of the Mac' will be released on Koch.
" Escobar ain't got shit on P / I'm like Trapper John / cause I MD / and I do surgery on a nigga for free.." talk about double meaning.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Look at me know!

KRS ONE puts together a tribute to Nas. Production by Marley Marl.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Dream

Before you start asking "what happened to Royce da 5'9"?"... Check this joint.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yo Ghost, Yo Rae...

New tune called "The Roosevelts" Ghostface, Raekwon & Trife.

Free Goods!

This is a great way to set off the New Year! Talib & Madlib bring 'Liberation' by way of download. Complete with CD insert print out. Official.

Opinion: This is my pic for best album right now. I have to say Madlib is 3 for 3 with his collabo LPs. (the other two being w/ J Dilla & MFDOOM) I used to think that the only way to really enjoy Talib was through Reflection Eternal or alongside Mos Def. That is not the case. The Beat Conductor provides pure sample-heavy soundscapes for Kweli to spit over without having to worry about radio or soundscans (it's free!!) This is clearly what the game needs in 2007. Beats & rhymes.
*courtesy StonesThrow/Blacksmith
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