Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Fire, More Fire

A look at all the heat Nike is about to drop.

row 1
row 2

*courtesy snugglesmcduggal/NikeTalk


Video for 'Go' by Common from his new lp Be, in stores now.

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Mobb & MOP update!

50 cent looks to sign MOP & Mobb Deep.

*courtesy MTVnews

Monday, May 23, 2005

Quasimoto cartoon

Animated video for 'BullyShit' by Quasimoto.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Just rhymin' with Biz

Big Daddy Kane on the mic & Biz Markie on the beatbox via 1987.

But in true KRS fashion, "We're not done, we're not done".......
peep the post under this one!

The 808, it's no mistake

The original version of "The TR808 is Coming" with the DJ Red Alert promo and radio hiss. Straight from Kiss FM since I'm on some '87 business. D-Nice re-recorded this for his first solo album. He was 16 when he did this one though. It was one of those Red Alert promo's that were like actual songs. Ultra Magnetic had one, Just Ice had one, all types of cats blessed 'em.What do you really know about Red Alert on Saturday nights?

This one is for my homeboy Voni!

*courtesy D-Nice


The new X Box 360 is about to drop later this year! Comes standard w/ wi-fi(wireless internet modem), 20gb hard drive(current X Box has 8gb) and well.... peep the link. All the games will be in hi definition and support Dolby 5.1-surround sound. It will play tunes off your iPod. New X-box Live(internet) features include video conference, trade customized game wares (say like if you make a skateboard on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, you could exchange it with someone else's), voice chat without having to play a game(free long distance?), portable hard drive, the list goes on. I think no matter what Sony brings out, the X Box 360 will be the top choice for mature audiences and on-line gaming.

UPDATE! PS 3 has been shown! Looks to me like it's still catching up to the current X-Box. It will be fully 'backwards' compatible, and will have slots for 2 hdtv's and 7 wireless controllers. Check the link for yourself and tell me what you think. I say it will be a tough sell, especially considering it won't drop 'till next spring. And by that time, Halo 3 will be about to drop!

*news link courtesy CNN/Money, X Box info from Time

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Design your own

You said you needed your own personal "Chuck's"? Well shell out $60 (plus shipping) and you're good to go. Since they are owned by Nike, I guess I'll get me some.


On-line interview with a legend.

*courtesy The Brilliance

Gossip Folks

Check out what this chick had to say about MF Doom.

Blah, Blah, Blah

Go YANKEES! They just won 9 in a row. I didn't guess Tino Martinez would have the same amount of homerun's as A-Rod at this point of the season.

Justo Faison, founder of the 'Justo MixTape awards' has returned to the essence. r.i.p.

Did you know that The Alchemist is also a DJ?

No more Mad Skillz! It's just Skillz now.

RZA is handling most of the production on the next Method Man album. And I heard Rza & Busta Rhymes are going to executive produce Raekwon's next joint '...Cuban Linx part II'. I almost can't believe it's been 10 years since Rae's first solo dropped. That joint is fresh for right now!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Got Milk? *(music link is dead)

New Ghostface, featuring Trife. This one is called "Milk 'Em". I don't know who produced it but it's got the ill sample.

*big up to earfuzz

Sweedish audio interview with your boy Tony Starks. It's about an hour long so take a break and check this one out. Nevermind the foreign language, Pretty Tony talks about being in a shoot-out, 1988(the 'juicy' era) and officially states that he has the "you don't know what I'm talkin' about" flow.(which he invented in Africa) Once again, a good listen with music to go with it.
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Extra Credit
Post your all time favorite opening Ghostface lines in the comments. Here's some of mine:

"I'm from a place where fish was made..."

"I'm like them '86 brooklyn niggas..."

"The beat terminal..."

"the technique is ill son..."

"A, yo my wiz plays the flute..."

I could go on and on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Small interview with GhostFace. Quote: "My whole album right now is based upon him(MF Doom) and Pete Rock and that's about it." He also speaks about samples not clearing and people forgetting the basics of Hip Hop.
page one
page two

*interview courtesy Tokion
enlarge images on the link to read

Gorillaz feat. MF Doom

The track is called 'November has come'. The masked one kicks 2 verses over a real simple beat. I don't know if this is on their(Gorillaz) latest album or where it's from but I can tell you that the song is new.

I told you that MF Doom has a project with DangerMouse called 'Danger Doom' right?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Rebirth

You already know how NIKE gets down. Check out the newness @ NikeLab.(click the 'restoration' tab, then launch) I had the originals in the 5th grade! Bo Jackson was the man and he used to rock Air Trainers so I had to have 'em. They did a pretty good job on the 'remix' so to speak.

*And since this is my last post of the day....

"Father U C King the police"!

ATMOS up in Harlem

get you some Kicks

Dear Summer

I guess he can't stay away. I heard him spit these rhymes on Hot97 when he was on Flex's show a while back. (so much for him freestylin')
This is from Bleek's new album titled 534.(damn, this is like his 4th album) The track is by Just Blaze. Basic, still I like it. Let me know what yall think about it.
Speaking about Bleek, ain't
this some good press just in time for his LP release?

Monday, May 02, 2005

"CRAZY" Bone

O.K. For those who might not have heard about Bizzy Bone yet, here is 'the interview'. The show is called 'Damage Control' on KPFT in Houston. Your boy Bizzy gives probably one of the illest interviews you might ever come across. Especially when you consider that his former group 'Bone,Thugs & Harmony' was extremely popular and sold crazy records. I don't really follow 'Bone,Thugs' like that but I guess this dude has a history of drinking himself into deep depression. He also was 'abducted' when he was a child, by his sister's father. I don't know the story behind that but it's not a rumor.
He claims to be homeless and seems to be on some real gospel type business. You really need to hear this! The audio link plays the whole show so fast foward to about 5 min(unless you wanna hear the new Cam'ron). That's when dude shows up and starts with his crazy antics. Trust me, this is some wild stuff. .... " HOLLAAAAAAAH!!!!"
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