Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stop Crying!

Guess who's back? Mr. El-Producto. That's who. Yes his new LP "I'll Sleep When Your Dead" is done. Although it won't be out until next year, hold this one down.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Do You Wanna Ride

Jay Z with a little GOOD music.
If you look around, you can find that joint he did w/ NAS has leaked. I believe L.E.S. did the beat and I must say, it's dope.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The "Other" side

Great piece on MF Grimm. Especially for those who might not be familiar w/ him or his story. Check it out.

*courtesy Village Voice

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ghostface featuring Trife Da God... Early!

Friday, November 03, 2006


A YO! The last time I officially banned a rapper from 'Service Slang' mention was Mr. Teh Ghey himself. Even though he has since covered up the butterfly tatt. (ain't that funny?) And now we have Lil Wayne.

Here's young Weez kissing man (Baby). A YO! He was heard explaining the homo flic on Angie Martinez buy saying "’s a Mafia thing. If anybody think I’m gay, come test me. I light you up." I don't want to turn this into a bashing thing but that is not his father nor his grandfather. However he feels about this dude is his business but the pic does nothing for Weezy's gangsta.

This will be the last time I give mention to this cat barring death. And please no more 18 & under cats trying to argue about this guy being the best rapper.

New Classics

Clarks has flipped the script on the Wallabees! Peep some of the new flavor they spilled. All new materials as you can see in the top pic. Even though the Summer is over, cop you some & put them on ice. They'll be hot for '07 trust!

The N

Where do I start? Here's some new NAS for you. There's a song making it's runs around the net called "Hip Hop is dead"... This is not that song. I don't know who might have done the beat for this joint but it's wack. I don't think I'm ready to hear what this Album is going to sound like. Dude can rhyme but... well maybe there is no spoon. Could my taste for rap music be at a state where the new NAS shit is soft? I can't call it.
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